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Patient Testimonials

Real Stories. Real Results.

Here, you can view the various inspiring stories of people just like you who have benefited from our Weight Loss Program.

"My whole life changed." ~ Paul

Paul's storyBeing a professional driver and obese was starting to bear down on Paul's ability to enjoy his career.

Having to step in and out of a big rig was a daunting task, and the fatigue was too much to handle. When the doctor told him he would have to start taking insulin to regulate his blood sugar, he decided that something had to change.

After gastric bypass surgery in 2011 with Dr. Ghiassi, Paul has lost more than 200 pounds. He was able to stop taking most of his medications the day after surgery, and now lives a much healthier lifestyle. Instead of the usual fast food hamburgers for lunch, he eats fresh fruit or vegetables. And he’s able to enjoy time off with his family. His activity levels are up, and he fits much more comfortably into clothing. Not having to shop in Big and Tall sections has been a huge relief, he says. At his heaviest, he wore a 6X shirt and size 56 pants.

Paul’s biggest regret, he says, is not having the surgery done sooner.

"I'm at my high school weight again!" ~ Richard

Already having three grown children, five grandchildren and entering retirement, Richard knew he had a lot of life ahead of him when his weight-loss journey began with gastric banding.

After some complications, he visited two other well-known California bariatric surgeons before seeing Dr. Higa at Fresno Heart & Surgical. Richard was also suffering from esophageal and digestive complications, and as a result, Dr. Higa also performed a gallbladder removal. Since then, Richard’s complications have minimized, if not disappeared completely.

He has lost at least 100 pounds and is back to his high school/college weight. When he was at his heaviest, it was hard to get around and be active. Now he’s looking forward to an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary celebration and being able to continue his retirement healthily.

"This was for me to be healthy" ~ Kelly

KellyKelly was the last among her two sisters and mother to undergo bariatric surgery. As the youngest, she hadn’t experienced the infertility, joint aches, blood pressure or pre-diabetes problems the others had. But she didn’t want to reach that point. She wanted to make sure she’d be able to care for her children and continue her theater work. She’s amazed after losing more than 100 pounds at her newfound confidence and how much fun it is to go clothes shopping. Now she also has lots of energy for her children.

"My weight has always been a problem" ~ Stacy

Stacy heard the kind of medical warning normally reserved for cancer patients when she was just 30. She was in for a routine physical in 2006 as part of an adoption approval process. The sixth-grade teacher and her husband of 11 years wanted to raise a family, but her weight was causing fertility problems. Her doctor said Stacy’s 208-pound weight also put her health in jeopardy and could considerably shorten her life span, making the adoption approval questionable.

Her older sister had great success with bariatric surgery four years before that and encouraged Stacy to consider this weight-loss method. Stacy says the surgery at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital changed her life and her odds for living to be a grandma some day.

"I never thought I would get this small...never. From a 24 to a 4" ~ Amanda

Amanda remembers clearly the day she decided to have bariatric surgery in 2008. She had watched her best friend’s two older sisters go through it and have amazing health turnarounds. She had reached the point where she was tired of being tired all the time. She was frustrated with not being able to really play with her four young children. She was tired of hearing doctors say "well it’s your weight” to explain her knee problems, her sleep apnea and her acid reflux. But none of it convinced her like the day she was sent to see a heart doctor.

Amanda left that office and headed straight for her best friend’s house to ask how to take the first steps to see bariatric surgeons. Within a year of her May 2008 surgery, Amanda was wearing little black dresses, playing volleyball and running with her children. She also had the confidence to try out and get a part in a musical production at her local community theater.

I remember sitting in the cardiologist’s office with a lot of older people and thinking, ‘Ugh I’m 28! I’m too young for this!’ – Amanda

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Tracy Ross

Hi everybody!! My surgery has been scheduled and I only have 9 more days to go. I've been working on this process for over a year now, so you can guess how excited I am. I promise to post before and after pics soon!!!!

Cherisse Collins

Kelly's Before PhotoBefore Kelly's After PhotoAfter

I had my surgery August 15, 2012. I have lost 45 lbs so far since my surgery. I lost 60 lbs on my own before my surgery. I thank GOD for where my Life is going! I'm excited about this Transformation taking place inside and out!

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Real People. Real Stories.

Real People. Real Stories.

View the inspiring stories of people just like you who benefited from our Weight Loss Program or share your experience.

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